Gay In India – Illegal

One for the most forbidden topics of discussion in the entire country of India homosexuality. Being gay in the country is not only taboo but it is also a crime punishable by jail time. It has been fought by the people in the courts on the basis that sex between consenting adults is a constitutional right, but that has been overturned by the courts and to this day it is still illegal to have sex with someone of the same gender.


It’s no secret that India has some of the most homophobic people in all the world. Many homosexuals have left the country and live abroad to avoid prosecution, embarrassment and harassment by haters and homophobes of the gay community. Lately however it seems that ideas might be shifting to more of an open minded culture as Bollywood and the media are giving more positive attention to the idea of homosexuality. Worldwide organizations are pushing for equal rights for the gay people of India because of the violence and hate they experience by the people of India. Many crimes committed against the gays go unreported. For fear of embarrassment, hate and no support the gay victims prefer to remain silent than to report the crimes committed against them.

Since the primary religion of the country is Hindu which makes no reference to homosexuality as a sin, it has been pushed by the people to be more tolerate and allow for equal rights to the gay people of India. There is a passage in the Rigveda the sacred text of Hinduism that says what is un natural is natural which many scholars have translated to include homosexuality and transgenders. While this alone is not enough to push the country to allow for equal rights it can be the basis to push legislature in the right direction.

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