Dating Escorts – The Best Option

320x305Last time I was in New York I stayed right over the 59th street bridge over in Long Island City, NY. The hotel I stayed at was cheaper and so were the escorts which I found online by looking for escort services and escort agencies in New York. You can really save yourself a lot of time, frustration and energy by calling for an escort when you’re traveling instead of trying to meet someone the traditional way or to go out alone. Especially when you are in a new city.

I don’t go to NYC often but when I do I really like to see everything there is to see and try to do as much as possible. From Astoria, NY they call it that instead of Queens, which is actually the county and not the city. This is something you will pick up once you get here. The good thing is that many cabs originate from the Astoria area and love to take you into Manhattan because they’re going there anyway and your ride is like extra money for them. A quick ride over the 59th street bridge and you are in Midtown Manhattan on the east side.

24 Hour Party Playmates Escorts escort service has escorts that service Manhattan as well as Queens and the rates are better in Queens than they are in Manhattan for the same models.… continue reading this article

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Using Personals

If you are a man seeking a man one of the best places to connect with other gays is through craigslist. Most of the personals on their site is for gay people trying to hook up. Because the interface is simple and fast it makes it quite attractive for others looking to meet online. Post a quick ad and within minutes you will have emails from people trying to meet you right in your local area.

Another good option is Match. With the largest database of users its another one of the good ones. Not as easy or fast as CL but it does get the job done. expect to spend time going back and forth and maybe a week or so to meet someone from that site.

I met someone really interesting at this vape shop in white plains and other guys tell me that vape shops are the new singles scene. Its worth a try.

One of my favorites is Plenty of Fish, one of the newer sites it is also very easy to use and they have a huge customer base. Since it is free and runs on advertiser revenue you get all the bells and whistles without having to pay anything.… continue reading this article

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Meeting Gay People Online

The greatest thing the internet has brought us is the ability to connect with people all over the world. And even better, the ability to connect with other with the same exact interests and goals as us.

One of the best places to meet other gay Indians is through the worlds largest social media platform – Facebook. A quick search in the groups section for their site turns up hundreds of groups dedicated to gay people, so they can connect, share and meet with other gays anywhere around the world.

Another way is to search by interests. Another search by zip code or city turns up another several thousand gay people in my city alone. All it takes is a few friends requests and next thing you know you will have thousands of gay friends that are open to meeting and connecting in real like.

If you intend on connecting with other by friend requests, keep in mind that Facebook is trying to stop spammers so for that reason, it would be best to only reach out to a couple of new friends per day and to continue making friends only when the first group of friend requests get accepted.… continue reading this article

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Gay In India – Illegal

One for the most forbidden topics of discussion in the entire country of India homosexuality. Being gay in the country is not only taboo but it is also a crime punishable by jail time. It has been fought by the people in the courts on the basis that sex between consenting adults is a constitutional right, but that has been overturned by the courts and to this day it is still illegal to have sex with someone of the same gender.


It’s no secret that India has some of the most homophobic people in all the world. Many homosexuals have left the country and live abroad to avoid prosecution, embarrassment and harassment by haters and homophobes of the gay community. Lately however it seems that ideas might be shifting to more of an open minded culture as Bollywood and the media are giving more positive attention to the idea of homosexuality. Worldwide organizations are pushing for equal rights for the gay people of India because of the violence and hate they experience by the people of India. Many crimes committed against the gays go unreported. For fear of embarrassment, hate and no support the gay victims prefer to remain silent than to report the crimes committed against them.… continue reading this article

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